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A supplier and importer of light-curing paint and resin raw materials for domestic manufacturers, in accordance with global standards

Light cure energy

An eco-friendly technology
for printing inks, varnishes, and adhesives 
Curing immediately with electron beams

Transformation of Light …

APC is dedicated to developing innovative energy-curing technologies that provide raw material solutions (photoinitiators, energy-curing resins, and additives) for UV-curing systems used in the fields of printing, industrial coatings, and adhesives

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About Us


Ph.D. Tahoura Saemian 



APC is an innovative and independent chemical supplier with a focus on polymers. A research and development centre was established in 2023 for UV technology and clear coats

Besides providing UV coatings for automobiles, construction, printing, wood, glass, adhesives, ceramics, and other industrial applications, we facilitate customer participation as well as communication with UV curing machine manufacturers. To achieve high performance and consistency with Light-Cure formulated systems, we provide custom formulations, consultation, technical support, and monitoring.

Our Vision

At APC, the formulated  UV processing systems are solvent-free and have excellent performance properties.  As a start-up, we align  with the Sustainable  Development Goals (12: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) and Climate Action (13: Climate Action) to make the greatest impact for a better and sustainable future.


Our Services


  • Construction industry
  • Plastic, wood, paper industries (temperature-sensitive substrates)
  • Automotive Industry
  • Decorative industries
  • Printing and packaging industries


  • consulting behavior and properties of resins in surface coatings (water-based, solvent-based, powder coatings and UV curable resin), printing inks, adhesives, etc.
  • Synthesis and modification of UV curable epoxy, acrylic, urethane, polysulfide, alkyd, saturated and unsaturated polyesters resins used in paint and coating industries


  • The research activities mainly concern designing, formulation, optimization and modification of different types of surface coatings and related processes, study of properties of different types of surface coatings (protective, decorative and functional) on different types of substrates such as metallic, concrete, wood, paper, plastics, fundamental studies of anti-corrosion properties of surface coatings and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Manufacturing and characterization of various industrial and construction resins for high solid, powder coating, UV curable, marine, automotive and traffic paint
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